Welcome to GPC


If you visit us you’ll find people of different ages and perspectives finding a common center in a living Christ. The message you hear in worship service will relate timeless spiritual truths to the issues you face every day in our high-tech, globalizing world. The people you meet here will welcome you with genuine, easy-going warmth. The music you hear will be a blend of traditional hymns sung by the congregation or the chancel choir, as well as praise music, jazz, harp and acoustic guitar, and maybe even a young piano student sharing a piece they learned for their recital.

Pianist/organist Josephine Brummel conducts the chancel choir and coordinates the overall GPC music program. We offer excellent programs for kids, teens and adults of all ages. We are a mission-oriented church, supporting many causes in the Goleta and Santa Barbara communities as well as working for Peace and Social Justice at home and throughout the world.

We look forward to welcoming you!



Join us in the 100-acre woods (well, not THAT big) behind the church, for games, bumble bee pinata, gummy-bear hunt, beary yummy food and more. All are welcome, whether or not you’re already a part of the GPC community. Fun for children through 6th grade, and their families.


Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends

A 6-week divorce/separation discussion group

Based on the book by the same title by Dr. Bruce Fisher. Offered at GPC on 6 Wednesday evenings beginning April 17. $20 donation covers the book and all materials. Open to Men and Women of all faiths, churchgoers or not. PLEASE RSVP TO Deborah Kehle, MDiv, at: revdeb@goletapres.org




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